Thursday, January 5, 2012

1st documented thoughts of the New Year..." As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he..."  careful Lynette...might as well get this party started right....Here is my opening declaration

January 1st 2012.  This year promises to be filled wtih God's richest blessings.  My children grow and change...and so do i. I am even now beginning to experience the realm of the effortless.  My hunger and thirst shall be satisfied in this season and my gifts will make room for me like never before.  My children and i will be blessed in the city, and in the our going out, and in our coming in.  There you have it.

 In retrospect, 2011 'wasnt no punk' comparatively speaking...2012 should be as 2011 was challenging. Despite all that's transpired in the last year, the thing that stands out as having been the greatest change is that i've learned to see God and my relationship with Him differently than ever before.  In the growing absence of religion...and the beautiful blossoming of real relationship, i am learning how He truly feels about me and His plans for my life.  I am learning in rest.  Since this rest seems to  be somewhat of a 'new years resolution' for me...I think it only fitting to identify any obstacles to me accomplishing this resolution....

The first thing that comes to lawless emotions...their one mission is to KEEP ME TRIPPING!!!  well, guess what ??? no thank you.  I'm starters....I'm going to log off this laptop...and go downstairs with the rest of the party...yes, party.  There is a party going on downstairs...and i'm up here...swaddled tightly in my emotions...typing. goes...

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