Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not even worth the read

Throughout the day, i find it necesseary to to say certain things to myself...whether to encourage myself, quiet my mind, aleviate stress, or even to make myself laugh...i'm thinking i'm not the only of the things i just said to myself is..." i bet it would be interesting to actually write down some of the random things you say to yourself throughout the day.. I'll decide at the end of the day whether or not to share it...but for goes....

"He looks much better with his hair cut."
"lose the attitude lynette...he thinks he was being helpful"
"ugh!!! i hate drinking out of plastic, but this water bottle is so cute!"
" I really need a massage!  This knot in my shoulder is giving me the blues...."
"Resist the urge to ask for a massage, cuz you KNOW he will say yes!"
" Jaha is freakin' HILARIOUS!"
" SUCH THINGS LIKE THAT??? c'mon dude.....that's not even KLOSE to right...#imsuchajudger"
"ok, i can do a gallon of water a day if i use this container....plastic notwithstanding" 
"im so awesome for using words like 'notwithstanding' in my thoughts lolololololol"
"oh yeah! i have that crystal light energy stuff in my drawer!  does that make it not water anymore?   whatever..."
" ever since i did that sea salt cleanse in this container, it's  harder to drink out of it...."
" i wanna do it again, but ...ew....cant"
"as big as dat det is, i dont see how anyone is gonna pay dat back"...are you really referring to the national debt as though it's a personal loan that someone actually....pays back....?   um ok.
"it just comes down to who do i think wont screw us the most?"...does the double negative equals positive rule apply to this question?"
" it would be SO STUPID to post this, but i probably will...lolololololol"
" i'm going to be ok without you."
" i can do this,...just keep moving step at a time, i'll be ok"
" really?   of course it's not there.....cuz it would just make too much sense for it to have gone smoothly..." ugh...
" i miss you.
" i musta forgot ta wrote dat down on my notes"....i'm really tryin' here..but ur makin it hard......did u really just say that????
" DO NOT SEND THAT MESSAGE's counterproductive.  The feeling will pass, i promise."
" do we have a reason to be mad at each other right now?"  " if i dont call, will u?"
"when is enough enough?  When, as a mother...have you done enough?....when have you just gone way too far to please your children ? when do you admit to yourself that not only do they not appreciate anything you do, but that it will be YEARS before they even realize your doing anything at all?"  ..How do you not take it personally....????"
" when do you stop typing random stuff on your blog that's not even 'worth the read'? "

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