Tuesday, September 6, 2011

" God has a sense of humor? "

First thing this morning... a harmless joke turned into offense...not because of intent...but because of a very common misconception in churches today...let me start by saying that my thoughts...my posts...will always be just that...MY THOUGHTS...MY POSTS....i share from my place of understanding...in hopes of giving another perspective...freedom always being the ultimate objective.

The joke i made, referred to a "doily" worn on the head of a family member.  Although i understand the religious reverence of said 'doily', the family member and i joke about it all the time.  Not only do we have a very close relationship, but we are both believers.  I have a deep respect for her observance of faith, and she knows this. 

My joke, however, sent other family members into a religious tailspin...even those who DONT EVEN GO TO CHURCH, much less don doilies!!! The conversation progressed to me mentioning that God had a sense of humor...WHY DID I SAY THAT???? "The bible says not to joke or jester".....WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT????  how ...please someone...tell me HOW...could i be created in God's image...and have a sense of humor....and that not come from Him...now...I AM NOT SAYING THAT MY SIN...comes from God....but every good and perfect gift comes from above...and i dont know about you, but laughter...is a gift!!  Should i really believe that everytime i 'lol' i'm in sin???

A sense of humor...is a sense of proportion.  I am constantly learning not to take myself so seriously.  laughter has helped me through some of the toughest times in life...and it's sad...very sad to think of a faith that would deprive me of the gift of laughter....even sadder to think of serving a solemn God...who sits in heaven waiting to zap me for making a joke...

should i have simply kept my ' joke ' to myself..? probably.  Should i have continued to respond with anything other than an apology once i realized i had offended them...probably not....but folks...i really couldnt believe it....this concludes my first official blog.....blogworthy? maybe not.....insightful? perhaps.  Funny...probably.  :)  blessings...


  1. "much less don doilies" love it. love you. love you expressing your thoughts, leaving your words.

  2. p.s. you are funnythannamug to me!

  3. DEFINITELY funny than a mug! LOL. This was very well written; I enjoyed it thoroughly. I guess said family members don't know you very well, if that offended them. If they did know you, then they would know that there was no intention of malice on your part. You don't roll like that. And to answer your question; yes, certainly blogworthy. keep up the good work!