Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Positioned for progress

Because God is not the author of confusion, i wont say i'm confused right now.  i will, however, say i dont know what to do.  i learned tonight that the concept of " following my heart" has gotten me into a whole heap of krap in my lifetime...this season, being no exception!

My emotions are lawless...they have to be tamed...THEY ARE NOT TO BE FOLLOWED....THEY ARE NOT TO GOVERN OR DICTATE MY i'm typing makes perfect sense, however most of the time, i'm floating around from happy face to happy face in a never ending quest for peace....i'm sure i'm babbling right now, so let me try to make this least somewhat understandable.

I'm taking an 8 week course at IC Church's Wednesday night university.  Although tonight was only week 1, i can already see where i've fallen short.  Fortunately, God only reveals things to me...about that i can change...and move closer to the plans He has for me.  I wont pretend that this particular blog entry is flowing clearly from one thought to another as i hope future entries will...i'm just tired...and i wanted to take a at least try to share...i'm seein me...and i dont look so good...the question is...WHAT NOW LORD?

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