Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where the rubber meets the road...

The powerful thing about that often times, it's where the rubber meets the road.  pen to paper is where you are face to face with your reality.  i was asked to meditate and journal about the following ...
i will to trust the Lord, i will to humble myself, I will to be obedient to the Lord, and i will to fear the Lord....The challenge is to consider...REALLY consider the areas in my life where i am not using my will to line my life up with Gods word and His plan for my life...this, my friends, is where the rubber meets the road.  Once i actually ponder it...and write it down...I can see clearly where i am CHOOSING do to things my way...and whether it  had been previously acknowledged before...the choice will once again be before me....this time excuses...

When rereading the paragraph above it came to me that the reality check that comes from journaling is also a choice....i can fill a whole book with my 'victim version' of life...and feel sorry for myself folly...OR...i can choose to " keep it 100 "...the latter option is the door behind which change, restoration, and my destiny awaits....gnight.


  1. "the door behind which change, restoration, and destiny awaits" yes. thats a powerful door.

  2. wow, when i posted the first comment, you know the letters you have to type in (i guess to make sure youre not some kind of computer or something), well the letters were v e r i l y. as in verily i say unto you. love it. just thought id share. love you dear and loving your journey through words.